Thursday, October 21, 2010

Train Spotting
This is the little town in Missouri I grew up in. Well one of three, but all in the same general area. My dad was raised a farmer and also had milking cows. When he left the farm the first town we moved to was Elmer. He ran a feed store call MFA. I started the first grade there. I remember my sister and I walked to school every day. We had to walk across these railroad tracks. Being a little kid they seamed really big! I hated to cross them. I would run as fast as I could to the other side. The bigger kids would tell us a story about a (slow) person that was killed by a fast moving train. LOL!
Wowszers! That really freaked me out!

A couple of years ago I went back for a visit and decided to visit that small little town and show it to my daughter. Yep! Small town! Even smaller than I remembered. I told her about the fast train and the really w i d e tracks that scared me so much. Just imaging little Peggy running for her life so the train wouldn't get her! Listen people I was only 5 years old! Show some sympathy.

Oh my gosh! Here it comes. So I didn't make this up. It's still here!

All of a sudden the bells start ringing and the gate starts coming down. That startled us a little since we were standing on the tracks! How was I suppose to know the train from hell would be coming at that precise time?

So picture this, my daughter makes a bee line for the truck! Little Peggy all over again. I couldn't stop laughing!

Oh my! What a day. We had such a good time. My daughter kept asking, "How could you live in a town that small?" Ah yes, the good old days. ( Lucky for you I won't tell you the story about the little girl that followed me home everyday to bully me.) See ya. xoxo


Bonnie said...

I love childhood memories. Cool that you went back to visit the old tracks. I would have been scared too!!! Leave it to the older kids to tell such a story! You've gotta tell the story about the girl that followed you home and bullied you! Hey, I just got an idea...maybe we should start a new segment to our blogs..called.."A trip down memory lane" or something like could be on a certain day of the week, every week, like every about "memory lane monday"! I like it. Wouldn't it be fun to tell a litte memory from our childhood or when we were teens. We could keep it fairly short and to the point. I really like that idea. I think I'm going to start this Monday...look at just inspired me! you go girl! that is one of the things that I love about blogging...I love how everyone rubs on off on each other a little bit and inspires one another. Cool!

Peggy said...

That does sound like a good idea! "Memory Lane Monday" Has a nice ring to it. Well girl you inspired me when I first found you blog and you inspired me to start cooling again. Thanks! Let me know what you come up with.