Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Day at Papa's Farm
I went to a small farm with my second grade class Friday. We all had so much fun. This farm has been in the same family since the 1700! Wow! One family. The farm is smaller than it originally was. They grew tobacco, corn, and peanuts. Now they grow Christmas trees. Mostly they cater to showing the farm to school kids. One of the family members showed us around and let us pick sweet potatoes, corn, and peanuts. The kids had so much fun and so did I. This is the tree lined lane to their home.
I took this picture of a picture of their grandparents that built the house. Sorry it isn't very clear. Don't they look happy. Wow what would it be like to be married that long and still sit on each others lap.
This is a peanut plant held upside down by one of my students. I was told that because of the drought we had, most of the peanuts didn't grow on the inside. When we opened then up there were only little tiny beans inside.
The owner showed us how to make rugs and brooms out of corn husk. She talked about her granny's apron. How sweet. It reminded me of my grandma. My grandma always wore an apron and a bonnet. All the kids got to make and take home a button and string twirly thing. Its a button with a string through it that you hooked through your fingers on the ends and it spins real fast. Sorry don''t know what it's called
The day ended with a horse drawn wagon ride. The weather was perfect and the children were well behaved. Now how cool was that!
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Tammy said...

This looks like a fun day!
Another Carolina girl here...and a new follower!
Have a great monday!
Tammy :-)

Room to Inspire said...

Looks like a fun day - I love that the farm has been around for so long...what a great field trip!


The Martha Complex said...

Love the picture of the grandparents. That is my dream, to be old and gray and still in love. :)

Peggy said...

Hi Martha thanks for stopping by. My dream too, to grow with someone.