Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Mantel

I did a little change there. I think I like this one on the botton better. What do ya think?

I like the candy corn better. I think.

But since I took this pic it has changed again.

What do ya think of my creepy skull photo? Thank you Graphics Fairy. You should go their and check out all her Halloween ideas. My son and I aged it with coffee grounds and flame from a lighter. It was a little difficult taking that picture without me in it. Ha ha that would be creepy!
I have a problem with the brick on my fire place. It's so dark because of the brick that I have a hard time decorating it. I really want to dry wall it or paint it. Just something to lighten it up. Just one more thimg on my wish list.

Have a great day!


KA said...

Love the mantel decorations, especially the vase of flowers~

Bonnie said...

aaaaaaa! don't dry wall over the brick! it is beautiful! rustic, rustic! I love it. I have an entire wall in my living room that is all old red brick recycled from an old local school house. The brick makes up the hearth, the mantel...literally floor to ceiling except for two very small windows on each side. Of course, that is just my opinion...I love brick and stone and wood, but that's just me. ok, now I am over my tangent! sorry! I know what you mean about the dark factor though. However if you get a couple of slender tall lamps you can put them on the mantel and that helps. Also use contrasting floral for decorating. I have the same problem, so I know what you mean. Your Halloween decor looks great! I really love the skull picture that you aged. You did an awesome job!

Peggy said...

LOL! Ok ok I'm not going to cover the brick. It's just that I love earth tones and that blends with the brick to much. Thanks so much for you advice and oppinion. We have very similar thoughts. I really enjoy reading your blog.