Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fort Macon
A few weeks ago I was able to take a fun day trip. After living in the area for several years I finally visited Fort Macon. Fort Macon is located at the very tip of a stretch barrier islands in North Carolina. It's across the inland waterway from Morehead City and Beaufort. (Here in North Carolina it's pronounced, b o w fert.)
Building on the fort began after 1912 to defend the ports of Beaufort and Morehead City. It first became occupied in 1834. Shortly after that the Confederate Army took control. Then on 1862 The Union Army regained control back. At on time it served as a federal prison. In 1923 the federal government sold it to the state of North Carolina.
When you drive into the park you can't seed the fort because it is covered mostly by dirt. It's really very pretty. There are lots of old live oaks and well manicured lawns.
This is the entrance into the fort. You walk down a slight slope. This wooden bridge is like crossing a mote.
This is a little something I found interesting. I have been to several forts around here and including Virginia. I never really gave much thought to a cannon ball. I just know I wouldn't want one coming my way.
This was a furnace. The men would drop the cannon balls in through the top and then they would come out red hot! Isn't the crazy! It would be one thing for your ship to get hit by a cannon ball but one that was red hot! I assume it would catch your ship on fire.
How about picking one up!
Great day trip! Next time I go for a visit I will bring a picnic. A blanket on the beach and sandwiches sounds sooooo good!
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you all have a great week.