Saturday, June 25, 2011

Patriotic Bunting
I have seen so many flag bunting in blog land that I just could stand it any longer! With July 4th almost here I thought I needed to get in gear. Plus my kids enjoy it when I decorate the house. Also did I mention my sister is visiting today. Oh my goodness! I've go to get cleaning! OK back to the bunting. I went to a really nice fabric shop that sells mostly quilting supplies. Love Love fabric! I've been known to purchase fabric just because. It's the same addiction to scrapbook paper. Well I found a hand full of fat quarters in red, white, and blue. Don't ya just love it!
Next I cut them in a triangles and sewed them inside out together. If you have a rotary fabric cutter it makes things go much faster!
Then I turned them right side out and gave them a good press. I connected the triangles together using bias tape. I used the extra wide double fold. The little triangles fit sandwiched together inside the fold just perfect. This was you don't have to finish the top of the triangle. (less work!) I made and extra one for my sister but don't tell her! Thanks for stopping by. I'm linking to: Sip to my Lou -Made by you Monday

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Birthday on the Boat
Tuesday was my daughters birthday. She turned 18!!!
Can you believe it. My beautiful baby girl is all grown up.
Her favorite place to be is the beach.
A good friend of hers has several boats. So they go out on the water quite often.
They have so much fun. So for her birthday I got to go! Yea for me!
I prepared an incredible picnic lunch for the three of us. (Bragging on myself)
Tuna salad on a bed of spinach
Fresh marinated green beans
Fruit cups
Drinks: green tea, strawberry crush, lemon-aid, and water
Dessert: Carrot cake muffins with cream cheese fill I had a little striped table cloth to use. I thought it looked and little nautical. I even used cloth napkins, straws, and red flat wear. The girls felt so special! They usually they just pick up a burger and soda on the way.
When we were out on the sand bar we were just laying around talking and napping. Well.... The waves had pushed us side ways into the sand so that we were stuck. We tried to rock back and forth but we were stuck! Not to worry, about 6 strapping men came to our aid and we were free again. Ha ha! Too funny!
This little house was on one of the islands in the sound. How cute, a little small for me though. Ha ha It was a little hard to take pictures on the boat. So I didn't take many. It was all about having fun and relaxing. We stopped at a sand bar and hung out there for a while. Where were so many sand dollars! I wish I had a picture of the boat. It was built in 1970 and all wood, Harrkers Island style.
Don't they look like there having fun?
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Potato Salad
Oh my goodness, is summer ever complete without it? When I was a little girl I hated it! Actually any salad or salads at all. I just didn't like all my food mixed into one dish. I wasn't sure what was all in there. My family was always serving some type of salad. Yuck! Well after many years I learned to like potato salad. My only problem was, I was very picky. Liking only my moms was becoming a problem. I would just have do without her Blue Ribbon, All American, Homemade, Peggy Lov'n potato salad. And you can for get about KFC or Food Lion's version.
So I would have to wait month to month, year to year to get a bite of the most mouthwatering pleasure ever. Mostly because my family lives in Missouri and I live in North Carolina. Now you can see my dilemma. search was on. My kids and I have been trying out several recipes. I even checked out the Pioneer Woman sure to find a winner. Yea!!! I found it. Even my pickiest food critic, aka... Carmen, likes it. The Best American-Style Potato Salad Found here.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cupcakes for Fathers Day Aren't they cute!
You all out in blog land have inspired me.
Red Velvet is so yummy! But wait it gets better...cream cheese frosting. I do this for the love of my kids not my love for him. I mean we're divorced. Although we have remained good friends. My kids love their dad.
I also made a vanilla with raspberry butter cream. Oh my goodness yum!
I found the frosting recipe at Your Cup of Cake
I have mentioned her blog before. You have got to go see
her blog!
While I was baking, it was nearly 100 degrees outside and becoming
quite warm in the kitchen.
My butter cream was starting to melt. So... I crammed the refrigerator full of cupcakes. Ha ha! I'm so embarrassed! Please tell me I'm not the only one to have a messy fridge.
We are going to dinner in a quiet beach community.
Swansboro isn't on the beach, it's on the sound side. Beach just sounds better.
My daughter picked out the restaurant.
Thanks for stopping buy!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fathers Day
Feeling lost without him
Feeling lost too.
I used to be my daddy's girl,
This I know is true,
Now that we have split apart
Gone our separate ways.
I pray to God each night
To bring us back together someday.
Yet I fear this is impossible,
Not right now anyway.
I still hold out hope
To be my daddy's little girl someday
Yet all I can say is
I'm feeling lost without him
Feeling empty too.
Dear God I'm still praying
Please oh Please to help me through.
I lost my dad last year to cancer. This is my first Fathers Day without him.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Scrapbook
I put this together for one of my teachers. My first mini album.
I found a great blog that I really love. You have to check her blog out!
This lady does some of the best mini scrapbooks I have ever seen!
Check out her blog: i love it all
This was the first time my teacher taught second grade. We had so many good memories!
I staged this photo one day a few months ago. I wanted to send my son a birthday greeting.
It was a little crazy trying to get the kids to cooperate.
We made some goofy words. I'm sure the other classes were wondering what was going on.
I thought he might like the sentiment.
Now let me explain this next one.
This was a part of crazy hair day for our drug awareness week.
He is wearing pig tails. Ha ha! The kids went crazy when they saw him.
I had lots of fun putting this together.
I'm so happy to be off for the summer! I have a ton of crafts lined up.
I also have a ton of recipes to try out. Yea!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

School's Out!!
Yea! The kids last day was yesterday. Not a day too soon! I thought some of the kids and parents were going to get into a fight.
And those crazy EOG's!!!!!!! We were still testing yesterday!
Some of those children looked brain dead. Poor things. Ha ha! Better them and not me. After 45 min in the chair with a 3 min break and then 45 min again... well I don't think I could do it without falling asleep.
I think some of our state leaders should come down to our level and try it out themselves!
Don't you think that a teacher knows through out the year and day by day how a child is doing. If you are assessing through out the year you would know where little Johnny is and where he needs help.
I know that having 30 some kids in one class room is tight but come on! We can do it. NOT!
Teachers are after all super men and women! Not to mention the great pay and benefits. Lets not forget the cut backs! I digress.Sorry
Where do come of these parents come from? We had a child from our school that was transferred to another and that was her 5th transfer in one year! Then while her drugged out mom was sleeping on the couch the child got hit by a car while crossing the street! The little girl is ok thank God. But where will that child be by the time she gets in high school! Sorry!! These stories can go on and on. Oops, I did it again.
Our last few days were spent eating lots of pizza, ice pops, ice cream floats, and candy. Oh, and there were tears, lots of tears. At the end of the day all the staff were wearing giant sunglasses, Hawaiian leis, and straw hats. All the 5th graders paraded and where dancing in the hallways. It was tons of fun if you can imagine. I wish I had my camera at the time but it was all very spontaneous. Wishing you all a great summer!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crochet Baby Gifts
I haven't been a total lazy bum. If feels like I haven't posted in forever. I've been doing lots of crochet. It seems like when ever I find a new hobby I work it to death and them I'm tired of it.
There has been a small baby boom at my school lately. I guess there was something in the water. Ha ha! Well I found some cute ides in blog land. This is what I came up with.
This is a little purse or bag. It's just right for a little girl. It's real easy and fast to make. I found the idea on this wonderful blog called Dutch Girl Diary. Erin made theses for her daughter. You need to check her blog here for directions. I can make one in an evening while I watch TV. Remember I just started crocheting little over a month ago.
I saw this cute idea of making home made wash cloths. The yarn is 100% cotton and very soft. Aren't they cute. I thought it was a great gift for a new baby. I put the wash cloths inside the bag and cinched it together. I added a cute little poem I found and used some pretty scrapbook paper.
What a cute bag if I say so myself. Ha ha! Thanks for stopping by. Missed ya! I'm linking to: Skip To My Lou