Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Check out the cutiest boots ever!
Now that we have rain in North Carolina again, my feet are starting to get a little soggy.
We received 4 inches today!
What pretty colors. I have always been a sucker for red.
None of those polka dots, stripes, or ducks for me. Nope! No way! Nada!
How about these little beauties!
I absolutely love love these boots! Gotta have 'em!


Simply A Farmer's Wife said...

These boots are adorable!!! I am totally loving all the rain although it's stopped us from gathering our crops. It is doing some good for our cotton though. Hope you get your boots soon!

Peggy said...

We really needed the rain! My grass is green again. You should take pics of your cotton fields.
Thanks for stopping by.

Bonnie said...

I love those boots! they look pretty tall though and i am short! i want a very similar pair that they sell at our local tractor and feed supply store...not as fancy or cute, but I think I will need them...we have had rain the past few days!

Peggy said...

The same boots come in a shorter size. Way cute! Monday I went to TFS to look for boots. All they had were black. I want green. Question for you: How did you fix your new headder with your pictures on the top? Cute.