Saturday, September 11, 2010

Farmers Day in Richlands Check out all these really old tractors. I was feeling a bit jealous hearing about all the festivals everyone is talking about. I heard Farmers Day was going on today in a neighboring town. So I hopped into my Jeep and off I went. I took lots of pics with my handy dandy camera. There wasn't any cool antiques to sift through. But they had a cool tractor display. I really enjoyed seeing the old men gathered around. Only one thing on their minds. Tractors!
Most of theses tractors are way older than me!
This little beauty below is a 1936 Unstyled B. Way older than me!
Wow! Some people have put lots of time and money into these tractors! There were some mighty proud men there. I think for some people it's a reminder of simpler days of the past. I over heard one gentleman telling his grandson that when he was a kid he drove one just like it. How cool to pass down memories from one generation to the next.


Bonnie said...

cool tractors! I would love to have one of those to cut the field behind our house! There's nothing better than an old farm tractor!

Peggy said...

I bet they are worth a lot too. Thanks