Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hurricane season in full force!

Well I thought we might not have any big storms this year but....

Hurricane Earl is knocking at our door. I sounds like it will just skirt our coast. But hurricanes aren't always predictable. Earl could go north or come west right at us. We still can get winds and rain. Lots of rain! Our schools might even close. We never know what will happen. We just wait.


If it looks like Earl is coming ashore there are several things to do.

1. Fill gas tank in car full. Gas for generator if you have one. ( I don't)

2. Get plenty of water. Fill bathtub, large pots. buckets etc.... (remember if the water gets cut

off you will want to flush the toilet)

3. Get drinking water.

4. Food (snacks and stuff you can cook on the grill or the Coleman)

5. Radio and flashlight with extra batteries.

6. Medication

7. Charge phones.

8. Keys

9. Cash and credit cards.

10. Books and games.

11. Tools

12. Call family and let them know your safe.

13. Put away thash cans, out door furniture, and hanging plants.

There are to many things to list, so this is a good web site to check out.


Bonnie said...

Peggy, I hope everything goes ok for you there. I will be checking the update on the weather channel this morning. I completely understand what you are going through...I lived in SW Florida for 5 years. We were living there during that very active 3 years when the gulf coast kept getting hit. Be safe and take care!

Peggy said...

Thanks Bonnie. Well as you can see, we didn't have any damage. A little wind and that was all.