Friday, December 30, 2011

Holidays Past
I wanted to post a few holiday photos but couldn't find the time. This year I really wanted to have a relaxing holiday and not be in a big rush.
So if things didn't get done that is just how it goes. Spending time with my family is my main goal. (That's why I had so much time to bake. Ha ha!) My Christmas mantel was mostly silver and white. I was dreaming of a white Christmas.
This little guy could make anyone happy!
Theses are some ornaments that I bought when we liven in Spain. They are only little trinket and I added a ribbon. I always buy three, one for each child. I'm glad I got a few snaps before it's packed away again.


Melanie said...

I put my Christmas tree and some Santa decor away yesterday. .always a sad moment for me. .everything always looks so naked when it comes down! Love your little teapots!! I didn't know you lived in Spain. .you'll have to do a post about that someday.. it would, no doubt, be very interesting too!! Happy New Year!

Little Treasures said...

Happy New year Peggy!
You little jugs are awesome!

Bonnie said...

Happy New year to you! I still have my decorations up. I wonder if I should take them down today. It's funny as I am typing this I'm looking out my back door and it is doesn't seem right to put away Christmas decor now...we didn't have snow for Christmas...and now we get it! LOL!

P.s. I love your candle stick holders on your pretty! I also love the little trinkets from Spain. You really should write about your experience in Spain sometime!

lisa is cooking said...

I need to pack away the ornaments and have been lazy about getting that done. Hope you're having a great new year!