Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Replacing a lamp socket This is my table lamp in my family room. It has been flickering a bit lately. I've mostly tried to to ignore it but at night is hard to do that. So I thought I can fix this or complain about it. It's not like some fairy is going to come in my house and fix everything. Ok here goes. Thank goodness for Google!
First I took the top apart. So far no problem. I'm all about taking things apart. I bought a new socket replacement at Lowe's.
I needed to cut the wires a bit so that they were split into a "Y". This was just enough so that there was enough to twist in place.
Then I re-twisted the wires around to screws for the connection. I know I left out a lot of steps and photos but the point I'm trying to make is that I did it myself!
Actually all the information was on the internet. Anyone can do this.


Melanie said...

Oh my goodness. .Hope you don't burn down your house!! Is the internet not AMAZING!! YOu can find DYI anything!! Good for you!!

Bonnie said...

You go girl!! I'm proud of you...I didn't even know that part of the lamp was something that could be replaced. I would have replaced the whole lamp!! I'm glad you posted this..now I will know in the future if I should have this issue!!

Lovely Light said...

Bravo! I'm not as brave. I'm sure it's working great now!