Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday bulletin boards for school
I took theses photos the last week of school. Some of our teachers have some really great ideas. Usually when I'm looking for ideas I go to Pinterest.
Snowflakes are always a favorite with me.
This comes from a very creative forth grade teacher.
This polar bear and penguin were done free hand by a second grade teacher. He is such a great artist and musician.
How cute is this. Very simple. Ms Amanda is another one our super second grade teachers.
Another super second grade teacher came up with this one. Mrs. Kelly is always coming up with creative ideas in her class room.
I'm having a nice holiday vacation so far. Hope you are too. My house is finally clean. Ha ha!
It is a little lonely with both my older boys away. But that is true anytime they are not here. However my daughter is still is at home. I probably have only one year with her left. So hard to let kids grow up and be on their own. So funny, when they are little you want them to grow up but when they are grown up you want them little again. Boo hoo. What is up with me?
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Melanie said...

Fun ideas!! All my best buddies are elem ed teachers. .so I periodically hear them talk about bulletin board themes!! Love the ones you guys came up with!! Enjoy your break!