Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pilot Mountain, North Carolina
Last week my daughter and I got to visit this beautiful mountain.
Oh my! What a sight. If you are ever in this area this is a must see.
This picture was taken from Little Pinnacle looking at Big Pinnacle or
"The Knob".
Pilot Mt is 2,421 feet above sea level.
This is the view coming down from the north but looking east. When you have been traveling for very long, you don't realize how high up you were. This is such an awesome view!
From this view you can see the shape looks like a saddle. See the dip in the middle?
The Native Americans and European hunters used this as a navigation landmark. You can sure see why. What a unique shape that can be seen for such a long way.
A paved road took us most of the way up. Then we parked and walked the trail around the "Knob."
Nice little hike, about a mile. There were steps in several places. I'm glad we didn't wear sandals. If you had a problem with your knees you sure couldn't climb this!
Once we got to the top we were greeted with a s
tone wall all the way around.
Looks like I'm trying to climb up. Ha ha
I could just imagine Native Americans making this as their summer home.
The temperature is cooler up there and the hunting must have been super.
A little fire and bright stars, must of been something else!
This could be a little slippery at time. I beat with a little rain It would be scary.
This was the only place that was a little difficult. Thank goodness for good shoes.
Isn't this interesting?
At first I just noticed the moss and after I saw the photo on the computer I saw that there were initials that had been carver into the stone.
Oh, I almost forgot! The mountain is just a few miles from a town called
Mount Airy.
Andy Griffith's boyhood home. Isn't that crazy! Mayberry was modeled after his home town.
So...Mount Pilot ( on the tv show) is really Pilot Mountain.
Well enough of that. I hope you enjoyed the pics.
Bye now


BigBearswife said...

looks like a wonderful place!!

Peggy said...

Angie, if you all ever come south it's a must see.

Lovely Light said...

This looks so peaceful and magical. The only time I was in NC was in Wilmington to be an extra on Dawson's Creek!

Peggy said...

Lovely Light, yes it is real special. OMG! Yea Wilmington, I go there all the time. It's about an hour away.