Saturday, July 23, 2011

More lovely crochet
I have been working a lot on my crochet lately. When I was looking around blog land I found so many beautiful projects. Wow! Crochet has really changed from what I remember. However, if I start to make a toilet paper holder please stop me! Ha ha!
What I am really crazy about is flowers!
Mostly Japanese flowers.
These are not Japanese Flowers though, just a simple little pattern I found.
I have been finding them every where. But finding a pattern was a bit difficult.
I became obsessed and stayed up late at night looking for a pattern.
Thanks goodness I'm not back to work yet.
Most of the blogs I have found are from over seas.
The British, Swedish and gals from Germany all use different sizing than USA.
I have found some beautiful Japanese flowers used to make shawls.
This beautiful creation came from Attic 24. This blog is filled with the most beautiful crochet!
Isn't this beautiful! Such lovely colors.
Some day I I would love to make this!
Have a wonderful day!


Melanie said...

I'm not such a crochet person. .but I really LOVE that last photo. .you called it a shawl. .but do they wear those. .cause I really like it just hung over that chair!! We're off on vacation tomorrow. .so don't give up on my stopping by your blog. .my favorite blogs are the ones that feature real people. .and their lives (and a little cooking, crafting, and gardening on the side!!) Just like yours!! Oh, and someday I'll stop by for that chicken salad you promised :-)

Colin said...

I keep finding these things all over the place :P

Peggy said...

Melanie, your so sweet! Have a great vacation withe the fam and stay out of the heat.

Peggy said...

Colin, yeah and there will be more. Funny boy! :)

Bonnie said...

I am very impressed with what you are making there! Those sweet little flowers. Glad you found a pattern! Didn't you say that you just learned crochet not that long ago?????? You are a total natural at this! I am very very jealous! I wish I could come over and have you teach me to do this..I would love it!! We could have some iced coffee too, and I could bring a pie!

Peggy said...

Oh Bonnie, your so sweet! For sure come over and bring the pie!
My mom taught me to make a simple double crochet, but I'm still having problems reading a pattern.