Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Best Chicken Salad
A neighbor friend of mine served me chicken salad a few months ago. When I asked for the recipe it was like a secret or something. Hum!
I decided I wanted to make this for a few friends of mine at my house.
I bought what ingredients that I thought the recipe would call for.
Then I confronted my neighbor point blank.
I said, " So what are the ingredients for your chicken salad?"
Well what do ya know. I had all the ingredients correct.
Gee, this wasn't hard. Now I have the key. I can make it myself and eat my fill of this wonderful salad!
Doesn't this look yummy!
Just makes my mouth water.
Chicken salad recipe
4 large chicken breast sauteed in butter seasoned to taste cut in small cubes.
About two hands full of red grapes.
One half cup pecans cut in half.
Small hand full of finely chopped parsley.
2 green onions chopped.
2 T of Hellman's
1 1/2 cup of unflavored yogurt
When you saute the chicken. Use about 2 T and cook slowly. This will insure the chicken will be tinder. I seasoned with only salt and pepper. This will smell so good. saute until lightly golden brown. Cool and then chop in small cubes.
Add grapes, pecans,( toasted in oven for 7 min brings out the flavor) parsley, and green onion. This should be a chunky salad.
Stir up the mayo and yogurt in separate bowl.
Now mix all ingredients together.
Sorry none of this is exact. Most of my cooking is done to taste and my family preference.
Have a great day.


Melanie said...

Looks yummy!!

Peggy said...

Melanie, it is. If you could pop over I would share.

Lovely Light said...

Good for you for sticking to it! It sounds wonderful. Are the grapes seedless (or do you pick out the seeds?

Anonymous said...

My Sister is so creative, that salad looks so yummy!

Love ya~

Peggy said...

Ha ha! Kathy, thanks.

Bonnie said...

I have heard about this salad from a couple of friends...that have raved about it. I think it is time for me to try it for myself. I am glad you posted this!! Thanks for the recipe!

Peggy said...

Bonnie, let me know if ya make it and tell me what you think. I really like it!