Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow in Eastern North Carolina
This doesn't happen very often. It was so exciting for the kids and me. Ha ha I know. I'm a little old to get excited about snow. I even woke the kids up early and had breakfast ready! Applesauce pancakes and bacon. Yum! What a good mom!
This is my little maple by the front door. To cold to go outside.
Here in North Carolina I never take my patio furniture inside. Looks goofy all covered with snow. It snowed probably 3 or 4 inches all together. That's a big deal for around here.


Bonnie said...

How exciting for you! Snow is fun! and pretty! I love your header photo! It is so beautiful! That breakfast you made for your kids sounds like the perfect wintery morning comfort food! They were probably so appreciative!

Michelle @ Sweet Something Design said...

Hi Peggy, thanks for stopping by. Yes what a small world that we are flip flopped! Not that I don't like Missouri, but I miss my beach!! :) My husband was in the Marine Corp and stationed at Camp Lejeune when we met. He spent 5 years with me there in NC, so I'm doing the same for him in MO! Thanks for reading along and maybe I can pick up some cooking tips from you! Have a Happy New Year!