Thursday, December 30, 2010

Making Bird Ornaments
Ok now.
Don't laugh.
Now that I've had some time to relax and cruise the blog world. I have found a few things I want to do for next year. I found this wonderful blog.You will just love everything they do! Check it out. craftysisters Beautiful photos.
I did my own little tweaking due to what I had on hand. I had seen some bird ornaments somewhere that I fell in love with. Don't remember where, sorry.
I created my own pattern out of card stock and some left over scrap paper.
I used card stock for the body and then glued paper on top of it. I also glued paper to the back side as well. Didn't want it to look dull. So there are three layers to make it thicker. After I glued the pieces together I put a book on top of it to keep it from curling up.
I normally wouldn't have used gold but it looked best with the paper I had on hand. I found the music paper for the wing on line and down loaded form this site. Next time I will use a more vintage colored paper instead of white copy paper. Ha ha! Just trying to work out the kinks.
I used red glitter glue for the heart but I'm sure a rhinestone would work too.
Then I added a little rhinestone for the eye.
This was a fun and easy little project. Also this was the first time for me to give a tutorial. What do ya think of my maiden voyage?
I hope you enjoyed it.


Nicole@CraftySisters-nc said...

Great job Peggy! You did a great job on those little birdies! Thanks for coming by and your sweet words! Happy New Year!

Bonnie said...

awww! I can't believe I have been away from your blog for this long that I missed this craft tutorial! I am so sorry that I didn't catch this before. This little birdie ornament is absolutely adorable and you did a great job explaining everything. I love it! The thing that makes it for me is the blue rhinestone eye and the red heart! I am usually not a busy person, but for some reason or another, things have been pulling me away from the computer lately...I haven't posted as much and I haven't been visiting my favorite blogs (like yours) as much as I have in the past. :) It's time to get back to my normal pace of life.

Peggy said...

I'm so glad you liked it. I was so busy befor Christmas I didn't have time to make anything. You know what I mean.