Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Daughter's Christmas Tree
I have been real busy the past few weeks. My family and I have been Christmas shopping, decorating, cooking and cleaning. All of my children were here for Thanksgiving and we took lots of photos.
I even went on line and down loaded our Christmas photo to send out to all our family and friends. Don't laugh, but my boys were having a beer while watching the games. Ha ha! Check this out.

We were playing around with some photo editing options. This is the 60' look.

I just can't stand it! I have such good looking kids. I know all mothers say that. Lol!

So this is afew close up snaps of my daughter's green tree in her room!

And here are some of her fav ornaments. I know, I know she picked them out.

Got to love the pig!

This photo she took of herself in the mirror. Not sure what was going on but I love the texture. Maybe it's was just a dirty mirror. Ha ha! I think it looks sorta vintage.

Hope you are having a super weekend! Thanks for not forgetting me.


Window On The Prairie said...

Well you do have good looking kids. And it looks like they get along well too. Thanks for sharing. Suzanne

Bonnie said...

Your kids are gorgeous! I recognize the pig ornament and the leopard print ornament, Pier 1, of course!