Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Flower Power / Four O'clock's
Today when I got home from school my daughter and I went to Ulta for beauty supplies. We almost bought out the store. Not really. What started out as a quick run for shampoo turned into a shopping frenzy. We bought two types of shampoo, one for her and one for me. Also mouse and hairspray and something called;d:fi beach bum and blow pro. Cha ching!
I was thinking, doesn't anyone ever use capital letters anymore?
Ya know one of these days my daughter and I will be able to write a small expose on hair car products. We have tried so many! I'm sure you know what I mean.
Oh my gosh! What was I originally going to post about?
Yes! Flowers.
As we were pulling into the garage I glanced up and saw my Four O'Clock's were in bloom!
I ran into to the house and grabbed my camera. It was already 7pm and the light was fading fast.
Theses are a few pics I was able to get before the sun was gone.
Remember I said that I lived in Spain for a few years. Well I brought seeds back with me over 15 years ago.
I always thought they were so pretty because on one bush there were pink and yellow blooms.
Isn't this crazy how there are two colors on one bloom!
Oh! The smell! I don't remember the fragrance smelling so wonderful! I wish I could share that with you all too.
They're sort of bushy and go every which way.
I love the way they look against this fence.
Thanks for stopping by.
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Bonnie said...

Oh...very pretty. I love the contrast of yellow and pink! That's pretty neat that you brought those seeds back from Spain. I love it!
So, hair care products for me...when I work out of the house...I then try to make my hair look more respectable...ha ha! But, now, it's pretty much up in a bun every day. My hair is a lot longer now than it is in my profile picture. I've thought about changing my profile pic to make it current. Right now I'm using Fruictis styling milk? something like keep the frizzing should see all the little fly away frizzies I have in the summer! LOL

Peggy said...

Bonnie, I know all about frizzing! I can just step outside and I get a fro. Since it's still so hot I always keep my hair up. I might start wearing it down around December. Ha ha!

Little Treasures said...

Thank you for the sweet comment and the visit! I appreciate it!
In regard to your post I have to say that except for shampoos I don't use any other hair products. I am more into organic care - a drop of oil, watered lemon juice, herbs and things like that - nothing fancy. My hair is naturally curly and I love it!
P.S. Your flowers are just gorgeous!!

Melanie said...

I love four o'clocks too!! They remind me of my grandma. .but she never had those cool two toned kinds. I had some of them a couple years ago, but had to eradicate them to get rid of some noxious grass growing in the same place. They are on my list of things to add to the new space by the cedar fence we built last weekend. I love the sphinx moths that love the flowers. they look like tiny hummingbirds. Enjoy your week.