Monday, September 26, 2011

Add a signature and blogging problems
Have you all noticed my new signature?
I have learned so much since I have started blogging. I've read so many crafts and recipes and found so much inspiration.
I would like to ask you all if any of you are having posting problems?
Frequently when I post, the formatting get all messed up. When I try to have a title, it always blends in like it's the start of a paragraph.
I try over and over again to correct it. I even try to edit the Html with no luck. Sometimes I have trouble adding color to my fonts. Again at the ending I always like to space before I say goodbye.
It's always the little thing that mess me up. This causes me a lot of anguish. What started out as a quick post ends up taking for ever!
I have already changed to Google chrome.
I don't know what to do.
Excuse me...
Back to the signature.
I have noticed some neat blogs where the author would have a signature at the end. I think that looks really cute, so now I'm trying it. I found a link that is very easy to use. They will walk you through the process. You can find the link here. You will chose a font, color, and size that suits you. You don't need and account and it's free. After you finished, your signature will show up on every page.
I hope you all enjoy this.
Please tell me what you think.
There is still lots more to learn.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I've been experiencing blogger problems lately too. Grrrr.

Melanie said...

I have never noticed the problems you are experiencing. .I always add my title in the "title" box above where you add text. Love the signature. .noticed it the other day. Good luck!

Bonnie said...

I love the signature as well. I have thought about doing it too. Thank you for leaving a link. It just might come in handy!
Have you tried to space down a few times at the beginning of your post to give the first sentence distance from the title? I haven't really played around with the color of the font too much. I think I did it once, but it was ok that I remember. I have experienced a couple of gliches here and there every once in awhile. Lately everything has been smooth for me though. I am so curious about your title problem though. Have you thought about making your title font larger by going in the design mode and clicking on "advanced" changes. It goes through every detail of your blog. Just wondering...maybe you have tried these things already.
One thing I can tell you...sometimes I have spent hours and hours on a post and I wonder if I should be spending all this time on a computer. LOL! Probably everyone thinks that sometimes. It's the people like you and my other blog friends I've Melanie up there above my comment, that keep me coming back.

Anyhow, I am sorry to hear about the frustrations of posting. I don't even know if I could be that patient. I wish I could come over and take a look to see if I can help!! I would if I could.

Bonnie said...

Hey Peggy, I was just looking at my blog to compare the title thing....I am the heck do you center your post title. I am not able to do that. Is there a specific box for you to type in your title on your post that is separate from your paragraph????? I wonder if for some reason your settings are on something that you can change. I will check back for your answer. :)