Friday, June 17, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Scrapbook
I put this together for one of my teachers. My first mini album.
I found a great blog that I really love. You have to check her blog out!
This lady does some of the best mini scrapbooks I have ever seen!
Check out her blog: i love it all
This was the first time my teacher taught second grade. We had so many good memories!
I staged this photo one day a few months ago. I wanted to send my son a birthday greeting.
It was a little crazy trying to get the kids to cooperate.
We made some goofy words. I'm sure the other classes were wondering what was going on.
I thought he might like the sentiment.
Now let me explain this next one.
This was a part of crazy hair day for our drug awareness week.
He is wearing pig tails. Ha ha! The kids went crazy when they saw him.
I had lots of fun putting this together.
I'm so happy to be off for the summer! I have a ton of crafts lined up.
I also have a ton of recipes to try out. Yea!!

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