Saturday, June 11, 2011

School's Out!!
Yea! The kids last day was yesterday. Not a day too soon! I thought some of the kids and parents were going to get into a fight.
And those crazy EOG's!!!!!!! We were still testing yesterday!
Some of those children looked brain dead. Poor things. Ha ha! Better them and not me. After 45 min in the chair with a 3 min break and then 45 min again... well I don't think I could do it without falling asleep.
I think some of our state leaders should come down to our level and try it out themselves!
Don't you think that a teacher knows through out the year and day by day how a child is doing. If you are assessing through out the year you would know where little Johnny is and where he needs help.
I know that having 30 some kids in one class room is tight but come on! We can do it. NOT!
Teachers are after all super men and women! Not to mention the great pay and benefits. Lets not forget the cut backs! I digress.Sorry
Where do come of these parents come from? We had a child from our school that was transferred to another and that was her 5th transfer in one year! Then while her drugged out mom was sleeping on the couch the child got hit by a car while crossing the street! The little girl is ok thank God. But where will that child be by the time she gets in high school! Sorry!! These stories can go on and on. Oops, I did it again.
Our last few days were spent eating lots of pizza, ice pops, ice cream floats, and candy. Oh, and there were tears, lots of tears. At the end of the day all the staff were wearing giant sunglasses, Hawaiian leis, and straw hats. All the 5th graders paraded and where dancing in the hallways. It was tons of fun if you can imagine. I wish I had my camera at the time but it was all very spontaneous. Wishing you all a great summer!


Melanie said...

Hope you find some time to relax! Those parents are EVERYWHERE!! Sometimes it seems so unfair that people that shouldn't procreate do. .and people that want to have kids can't! Enjoy your summer!

Bonnie said...

Yay! School is out! You must be very excited to get some well deserved time off! I am so happy it is summer and I am enjoying every minute of it!

Peggy said...

Melanie, with all you work you do with your kids, no one could ever say that about you. I'm having fun now though.

Peggy said...

Bonnie, now I'm trying to keep up with you and all your great recipes! Don't forget your Blue Ribbon pie recipe.