Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Granny Squares!
Well once again I have been searching the web. newest love is Crochet! I crocheted about 20 years ago.( OMG! Did I say that?) My mom taught me how to make afghans. So at that time I made several for my friends. That was about all I learned. My mom has made some beautiful things over the years. My favorites are her crochet doilies. Well, this started around Valentines day when I saw these cute crochet hearts. And the rest is history.
So now I'm hooked on granny squares! There are so many.
Check out some of these cool sites:
Theses people are super talented! There's tons of beauty and inspiration!
Don't you just love some of the colors!
I will take some pics of some of my starter pieces.
Yea! This is so much fun.
Oh and another thing... I"m starting a class or group of fellow crocheters. Ha ha! Can you believe it. I sent out an e-mail and got 5 responses within the first hour. I'll let ya all know how it goes.
Have a great day.
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Melanie said...

My grandma taught me to crochet a LONG time ago. .I didn't inherit her knack for it. .so after a few funny looking butterflies and a long strand of something that was supposed to be a scarf. .I threw in the skein!! I LOVE crocheted doilies though. .and have one that my dear grandma made in a frame on my wall. Enjoy your new hobby group!!

Bonnie said...

Hey, that's awesome. I want to learn how to crochet. I was going to teach myself over the winter, but that never happened. Sounds like you are very excited and I love that. It's so great when you are happy and excited about a hobby.