Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Trees
I have been seeing several cute egg trees lately. In the past I always put up seasonal decorations but in past few years I've gotten out of the habit. Well I thought this would be a cute idea for my kidos at school. I think we might ever have an egg coloring contest. Anyway...this weekend I snipped some twigs from tree in my back yard. You should have seen me. I was in my cut off sweet pants that have paint all over them and a shirt that was just scary! Well naturally when you look
your worst is when I get to see my neighbors. I can go for weeks and not see a single neighbor. But the day I look like crap, well you know....
I sprayed the branches with grey paint. (It was the only spray paint I had except black.)
Then I found my Easter stash of plastic eggs. I thought I would be doing this myself but my daughter jumped right in. She loves to help mom decorate.

I think It's kinda cute.

Now I need to make another one to take to school. Not sure what container I will use. Don't want it to get knocked over and broken and with twenty two kids that could happen.
Last but not least... My pink dogwood is blooning!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week.


Melanie said...

That's a super cute tree!! Wondering how you got the ribbons onto the eggs? Or were they ornaments? THe kids will love that at school!

Peggy said...

Melanie, Some were ornaments and some were not. I just put a drop of hot glue and put the string in it. Thanks for the compliment.

Bonnie said...

awww! I love it! Easter decorations are so sweet. The students are going to have so much fun making this.

I know what you mean about the sweat pants and old t shirt thing. That happens to me too. Or, the one I really love...when my house is sparkling clean and beautiful, no one will stop by...but if it's a mess and kids back packs and socks and shoes and toys and dishes on the coffee table, laundry on the couch to be folded...that's when someone will stop by! I swear, it can never be when my house looks great! LOL

The Martha Complex said...

I have a Easter tree too. I actually got in Germany. I never say or heard of Easter trees before then.

I never thought about making my own though... something like that would be cute for the 4th of July too. :)