Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day dream'n of bedrooms.
Now that my stairs are getting close to being finished my mind is off thinking of another project. Isn't is bedroom lovely. That should be me in that picture! (I guess I should have cropper that photo out.) I don't even like four poster beds that much but the over all room just speaks to me. Saying: "Hey Peggy, you want me!"

How about that grass cloth on the walls and the bed skirt! Love that bed skirt. I wonder if I could make something like that? If amyone of you all out there have made a bed skirt please give me a shout out. I meed all the help I can get.

Sorry I don't remember were I found the photo from. Probably HGTV.

Have a great Friday! Yea!!!!


Bonnie said...

I've never made a bed skirt before, but it's gotta be fairly easy. I agree, the room is very pretty and inviting. I would like to decorate my bedroom one of these days. It needs it. I usually don't put any effort into my bedroom and I should.

Peggy said...

Bonnie me too. Mothers are always last to get anything. Much less moms bedroom! Ha ha!