Sunday, January 30, 2011

Stairs in progress
Well I am still struggling with getting my stairs finished. If ya don't remember, I started several months ago on this project. I can't remember exactly because it's been so long. The stairs were covered in a horrible carpet that was there when we moved in. I wanted hard wood stairs every since we moved in. Several years ago(1986) we bought our first home in Norfolk, Virginia. It was built in the 1920's. I just loved all the wood floors and the hard wood stairs. (we refinished those too) Well after a couple military moves later and we ended up here. But with three children I wasn't up to home refinishing.
Fast forward 14 years and I'm a single mom. Then three years went by trying to recover from that trauma. That sounds really strange admitting that on my blog.
OK back to the stairs.
Well, between working full time and the holidays, time has slipped up on me.
I have been working on it a little at a time. And remember I have all that caulking to be removed. Remember the before picture below.
I now have most of the risers painted and almost all of the treads are ready for stain. Yea!
You can see in this photo that there is quite a bit of wood filler used.
Friday after school I stained the first tread. I think it looks really good! It looks like it's been there forever. It's not brand new but better. You know, like it's aged. I love it!
Well I got up this morning and stained the second tread and as you can see it is about two shades darker! Don't know what happened. All I can do now is to second coat the first one and try and match the second. Don't know what will happen but I'm marching on.
Keep in touch and maybe you can see the finished work. Just pray it gets finished soon!


Melanie said...

Wonder why the steps turned out a different color. Before I did anything else though, I would stain the rest of the steps and see how they stain.. and then decide if you need to try to match them better, or if they look ok. We re-finished our wood steps a couple years ago. I LOVE them. .and they have some fancy wood trim strips that were attached to them too. Our house was built in 1912-13.. just an old farmhouse. .but with lots of history. Good luck to you. .I think you are brave for doing the work yourself!!

Bonnie said...

Hey, I agree with Melanie. I was just thinking that maybe each step will be sorta the same or just a little different and it will all work together. I'll bet it turns out fantastic!

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