Monday, November 1, 2010

Stay Away From Drugs!
Every year at our school we have Red Ribbon Week in October.
This is a week long activity to raise awareness in our schools to be drug free. We start out the week with Crazy Hat Day. All the children get to wear any hat of their choosing. The slogan is: Put a Cap on Drugs and be Drug Free. Then we have Twin Day, Sports day and we end with Pajama Day! Each classroom makes a poster that is to be judged. I had to share some with you.
This is from a kindergarten class.
This one is from a second grade class.
Another second grade class.

Second grade again. Oh yea! My second grade class. This was just a few. After all we have six kindergarten classes, six first grade classes, six second grade classes, and so on. We haven't been told who the winner is yet. Just some friendly competition. Have a great day! Remember to stay away from drugs!


The Martha Complex said...

Very cute!

Bonnie said...

These posters are awesome! I love to see kid stuff like this. What grade do you teach?

Bonnie said...

Oh my gosh...sorry!! I just looked again, I see that you teach 2nd grade! I know you must have a lot of energy to teach little kids...especially when they like to be silly or make goofy noises and such...not that my son has done any of that! ha ha! So let's see, the most recent incident involved my son (3rd grade) and some friends in the boy's bathroom making fart sounds with their hand under their arm pit. In 1st grade he got in trouble for making a ghost sound in the boy's bathroom and disturbing the class next to the bathroom. So, really, I know nothing about children misbehaving!