Sunday, May 27, 2012

Walking Tacos

I found this crazy idea awhile back in blog land.  How fun does this look!  My kids thought this would be fun to try out.  
This was so easy and fun.  Oh, the clean up was easy too.

No directions are necessary.  Just fix your tacos like you normally would, only put it all in little chip bags.


 By the way,  cute nails don't ya think!

Thanks for stopping by.


Melanie said...

I always like eating these at ball games. .but never think to make them at home!! Bet you enjoyed 'em!!

Bonnie said...

Hi Peggy! I want to make these some time. I have never tried it. My son actually made them last time he went camping with the Scouts and he really enjoyed it!

Stéphanie said...

Just perfect !

Bonnie said...

Hey, Walking Tacos Lady! It's time for another post! hahaha! just teasing you! I'm one to talk..sometimes I don't post for weeks!! Looking at these walking tacos pics again, really makes me hungry for them!! putting them on my grocery list!!