Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baby diaper cake
I offered to make a diaper cake for a baby shower at my school. This is my opportunity to sink or swim. I really like crafting but was I in over my head? In the past I have tried all sorts of crafting. Back in the old days I tried macrame. It was fun but my fingers got sore and blistered. Ugh! I've sewed flags and tons of Halloween costumes. I even took a painting class with oils. Well I go again. Before: During: After: Ta da!!!!
I used a bottle of sparkling cider for the center. All the diapers are centered around it.
After that all you need is rubber bands and or twine. I hot glued black and pink ribbon to hide the rubber bands. Thanks to the millions of people who posted directions on the world wide web.


Lovely Light said...

I love the final result!! Nice colors and decorations. About "growing my blog"- I participate in hops and linkys every week. I think my "American in SA" angle helps too. I also comment on people's blogs and follow them. They in turn will often follow me back. It does take a lot of work (and I have a lot of time on my hands). Hope that helps!

Melanie said...

Now THAT is CUTE!! I'll bet the mom to be loved it!! Nice work!!

Lovely Light said...

That looks fantastic! How many diapers ended up being used?