Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crisp Pork Tenderloin Sandwich
Ok here's the story. I was born and raised in Missouri a farmers daughter. We lived in a rural area with only small towns
around us.
One of the sandwiches I learned to love was a tenderloin sandwich.
Nothing fancy. Menus in the small towns always had hamburger, hot dog, french fries and tenderloins.
A tenderloin is a thin, deep fried pork sandwich. You can get them any time of the year and even at the cook shack during the county fair.
Please let me know if you have heard of these.
I now live in North Carolina which is only second to Iowa in pig production.
Please tell me why no one here has heard of a tenderloin sandwich?
So here is my recipe:
Some of you my have other ways of making the beloved tenderloin sandwich. If ya do bear with me.
Purchase a pork loin that is un-seasoned and slice into an 1" to 1 1/2" thick pieces.
Pound out very thin with a kitchen mallet. Do this rather gently so you don't rip up the meat. It will be more than double in diameter.
Next I place the pork in an egg bath and then dredge in ground crackers.
This is a little messy. I also press the crackers into the meat with my fingers.
This is how it should look.
The only seasonings I use is salt and pepper.
Oh yes, I sprinkle adobe on everything I cook.
Can you see how thin it is?
Brown each tenderloin in a skillet of hot oil ( but not smoking).
After the first one cooks I turn the heat down a bit so the oil doesn't smoke.
I really don't like to eat lots of fried foods, so I make this only on special occasions.
Other than that I get my fix when I go to Missouri for a visit which is only once a year.
This is looking so good!
So there it is.
Got to go now. It's calling my name. Ha ha!
Hope you enjoyed it. I'm linking to:Frugalicious Me


Melanie said...

We have pork tenderloin sandwichs in Kansas!! But I've never tried to make one. .looks good, slathered with mayo and tomato. .yeah?? Enjoy your Sunday!

Peggy said...

Melanie, I thought for the longest time it was just a north Missouri thing. Ketchup and mustard for me. Ha ha

jcreviston said...