Monday, April 9, 2012

Coconut Cupcakes
My daughter and I made this terrific cupcake over the weekend.
We found the recipe at Your Cup of Cake
Lizzy has some of the best cupcake ideas ever!
Everything about this cupcake is sooooo good!
You will have to pop on over to her blog to get the recipe.
You won't be disappointed!
The cake part has a mild coconut flavoring and also the cream cheese frosting.
But the chocolate frosting puts it over the top!
I could make myself sick eating theses little babies!
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Bonnie said...

Oh! my husband and boys would really love these. I am not as coconut crazy as they are, but I don't mind it and sometimes I actually like it. Maybe one day I should make these for them as a sweet surprise!

Peggy said...

Bonnie, I thought the same thing. But this really turned out good! Try it, you'll like it! Ha ha!

Bonnie said...

Hi Peggy, I'm back on this post again! LOL! I couldn't remember if I commented or not..and I see I did..but I am so glad I checked because I see your reply and now I am definitely going to make these since you feel the same way about coconut and you ended up loving them...ok, it's a good thing I have coconut in my pantry!! We are a one-car family right now and I am stuck without a way to the store until the hubster gets home!