Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Food for the Girls
My daughter and I are cooking up a bunch of Super Bowl snacks!
We are here by our selves and decided that just because we don't watch football, doesn't mean we can't have some football grub.
This is what we came up with:
Meatball Sliders
Taco bean dip
Cheesy dip called "Crack"
Pepperoni & Sausage Pizza Puffs
Most of theses recipes came from a blog called Plain Chicken.
Steph has some really yummy recipes on her blog. And her photos are way better that mine.
This is the marinade that my daughter put the wings in. She said that this turned out really good. Sorry to say that I don't like wings.
Had to throw this one in. My daughter made a pizza from scratch a couple of day ago. It turned out wonderfully. Three cheeses plus Feta. Yum!
This is the pepperoni and sausage pizza puffs. Sorry, we ate them and forgot to take a picture. Ha ha! Too funny! We were really hungry.
Looks like my co-workers are going to have some great snacks tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you have a fun Super Bowl night!


Melanie said...

You'll have to share the recipe of the pizza puffs. .those look pretty intriguing!!

The Martha Complex said...

How can you not like wings?? :)

Bonnie said...

Ohhhh, my gosh! I wish I was at your house for the superbowl!! All of that looks heavenly!!