Monday, January 16, 2012

How to tie a scarf
This is a different post for me. You must know by now my favorite thing to talk about is food.
Fashionista I am not!
I just found this on Pinterest. I've often wondered how some people tie their scarves. I just do the same one all the time. I think here it's called the European loop.
This is so cool!
I hope you enjoy this little tip.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.


Bonnie said...

Peggy, thank you for posting this. I watched the whole thing! I love this and I will be using this a lot. There were many great ideas! I am one of those people who get out my scarf...try to make it look right, and then end up taking it off and not wearing it cause it doesn't look good. LOL!! As you can see..I really need this video! ha ha!

Little Treasures said...

Being a scarf lover (and wearer ;) too) I know different ways to tie a scarf, but from this one I learned a couple of new ones!! In winter I mostly do the European loop, the infinity,the toss and of course, the wrap. This was excellent!Thanks for sharing! I pinned it!

Melanie said...

Alright. .now that was cool!! I don't even have any scarfs. .but am thinking that I will have to get one!! I have tried some on in the stores, but couldn't tie it right and it just looked awkward. .but NOW!! Look out!

Lovely Light said...

I actually have a Bookmark folder for scarfs and scarf tying! This will definitely be there too! Thanks for sharing.