Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Valentine Heart Garland
I found these adorable little hearts all over blog land. I really can't remember where I found them first. Aren't they cute. Well naturally I had to make some. My sisters and some friends will get little hearts in there mail box soon. My daughter helped me pick out scrapbook paper. We found some really cute embellishments at Michael's.
I bought a heart punch also from Michael's. I must have punched out a million.
Then I sewed them all together with one long running stitch. You never break the thread until your finished.
This was lots of fun. I've never sewn paper before.
I mixed them all up.

My daughter made this one for a friend of hers that owns a bicycle shop.

This one is hanging on my mirror above the fire place.

Just a little heart for my family and friends.

Thanks for stopping by.


Melanie said...

Cute ideas!! I have a little girl growing around here that will love those projects one day!! Next weekend I will help my 2nd grader and 3 yr old to make their Valentines for school. This year we are even going to try to make our own treats. Aren't the scrapbook papers you can find delicious!! My son had a great time yesterday making his box for school and cutting hearts from my paper. Have a great week!

Bonnie said...

I love this garland! And sewing them together makes it so fun. I love the garland hanging on the mirror on your mantle!

LDH said...

So cute! This sweet little garland would be adorable anywhere it was hung!

Sweet place you have here! I have enjoyed stopping by to visit!

Kindly, Lorraine

Julia said...

That is the cutest idea ever and it looks darling hanging on your mirror!