Saturday, July 3, 2010

Moving Day

My oldest and I went to DC to help the middle son move. We went up last Thursday. The drive was actually not bad. We went part of the way through the country. My temp on my car said 104 degrees! Wow thank goodness for AC. The country in NC is just a beautiful site. The tobacco was so pretty. I know it's not healthy but it is a really pretty plant. The move itself went well and we ate out at a micro brewery restaurant. The boys had fun sampling the beer. Yes, I got to drive home in a city I don't know. All was good. I"m good with directions thanks to my dad. It was fun to hang out with my middle and his wife. The not so good part was the drive home. Leaving the city on the HOV lane was fine but it ended before we even got to Quantico! OMG! I have live in NC to long to like that traffic. I'll take my country roads any day!

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